In bed with Dietrich and Piaf

So hereby we would like to introduce ourselves and tell you more about this project. We are three Dutch actors and developed this show with our scenario writer Daniel Cohen.The show tells the true story of the intriguing friendship between two iconic ladies, Marlene Dietrich and Edith Piaf. It is an intimate, touchy, and by times hilarious story made complete by a selection of (parts of) the songs of these ladies.

Over the last few months we successfully toured The Netherlands and played in 40 cities throughout the country. The audiences were very enthusiastic, loved every bit of it, and the press came with very positive responses.

Press / Public quotes:

Fenomenal: will touch your heart and stimulate your brain

An epic clash, filled with surprise and suspense.

Supported by strong dialogue, Sluyterman and Kuiper paint an intriguing picture of  two female icons

A delicate mosaic about two women and their many secrets

A startling story with unexpected twists and turns


RTL 5 uur

Irene on In bed with Dietrich en Piaf (Dutch television RTL [ 5 uur ] 23 november 2017)

Performing Edith Piaf; looking through the eyes of Irene Kuiper:

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In bed met Dietrich en Piaf

5 hours 7 minutes ago

Wat een heerlijke avond in Apollofirst Theater, Amsterdam ! Met op dringend verzoek van Erik Brey onze eigen Marlene alias Frédérique Sluyterman van Loo debuterend op de zingende zaag...... :)))))

In bed met Dietrich en Piaf

5 hours 16 minutes ago

Wisten jullie dit ; Marlene Dietrich speelde Zingende Zaag! Omdat haar benen daar zo goed in uitkwamen..... Dus wij kochten er één op Marktplaats. Helaas hebben we er niks mee gedaan. Maar een paar weekjes geleden heeft Frédérique Sluyterman van Loo hem toch maar weer eens uit de kast gehaald. Hierover later meer ......

In bed met Dietrich en Piaf

1 week 1 day ago

Hij arrangeerde en puzzelde ons prachtige slotnummer ‘Rien de Nichts’. En speelt 20 april in Apollo First. Zomaar in één keer uitverkocht !! Maar wellicht is er een wachtlijst. O ja, en er zijn ook nog wat gast-optredens...

In bed met Dietrich en Piaf

2 months 1 week ago

Deze lieve getalenteerde fijne vrouw is jarig !!!

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The Paris Appartment

6 mei 2017


Vandaag is het 25 jaar geleden dat Marlene Dietrich, op dit adres in Parijs, in haar appartement overlijdt. Ze heeft dan 15 jaar lang, tussen haar vier muren, doorgebracht, als een kluizenaar.
Met niemand contact, behalve via telefoongesprekken met een fan, een verpleegster die haar verzorgt en haar dochter Maria Riva, die haar bezoekt.

Ze ligt jarenlang op bed, met alles wat ze nodig had, secuur om haar heen, uitgestald.
Haar krantenknipsels, haar platen, fotoalbums, telefoon, tv, haar garderobe, haar flessen champagne, haar pillen, en haar herinneringen.

En dan op 6 mei 1992 overlijdt ze. Ze wordt uiteindelijk begraven in Berlijn!





The Bravoure of Piaf & the Glamour of Dietrich!
Text: Bianca Barthels
Genre: Musical
Producer: De Nel Theaterproducties

Edith Piaf (1915-1963), the small black sparrow versus Marlene Dietrich (1909-1992), the tall white angel; the contrast could not be larger! Pure, unpolished bravoure contra style and glamour!

Nevertheless, there was an attraction between these two women. There is actual evidence in the form of photographs that suggest a warm friendship between them and perhaps even more; did they indeed share the bed together?
In “In bed met Dietrich and Piaf” the author phantasizes around this theme. Whether true or not is not the issue, though. David Cohen tells an intrigueing story about friendship, attraction, disgust, rivalry, and jalousy, which results in more than a regular love story. In scenes that are sometimes prickly, then harsh and often humourous, the ladies fight with one another as well as with themselves.

The play takes place in 1986, when the older Dietrich hides herself in her Paris appartment. She hasn’t been outside for years. At night, on Christmas Eve, when Dietrich is alone, Piaf comes along in search for some answers. It is then that the story sets off with a set of beautiful, fictive and nonfictive, sometimes even absurd scenes from both these women’s lives.
As, for instance, the nearly catonic (?) phantasy in which Dietrich and Piaf try to murder Hitler ends in a disaster, because they get into a fight about the question who is allowed to pull the trigger; this should be done by the greatest artist of the two, and who would that be? Central stage in the show is is question of who will survive; which legacy will remain alive. In other words: who will live on the longest?

Prostitute kitsch
Cohen has been successful in making the development of the two ladies’s characters interesting. When they meet, Dietrich feels superior to the raugh Piaf with her pathetic Parish prostitute kitsch, as it, according to Dietrich, all depends on control and discipline; the number one condition to success!
But Dietrich is also seductive with all her knowledge, advise, and the friendship she has to offer. After the fighing, debating, lovemaking, and again attacking each other, Dietrich surrenders in tears admitting that people will keep on crying over the pure music of Piaf and will forget her, her movies and her music. It is then that Piaf consoles her and the tables turn.
Intrigueing is the parallel with artists such as Amy Winehouse and Janis Joplin, who, like Piaf, lived their life to the full. But did they waste their talents by using drugs and alcohol?

Frédérique Sluyterman van Loo (Dietrich) and Irene Kuiper (Piaf) are phenomenal, in the scenes as well as in the songs they sing. Also Ger Otte, the actor/musician – the music-arrangements are his – is amazing both in musical brilliance and in the way he performs his many roles.

“In bed with Dietrich and Piaf” touches the heart and makes one think about how to live ones life!



Irene Kuiper
Irene Kuiper

Stage entertainment:
Billy Elliot ( stage entertainment & Working Title)
Sister Act > Maria Lazarus
Cabaret > Fraulein Kost
Les Misèrables > Madame Thénardier
Saturday Night Fever > Flo Manero
Boeing Boeing > Bertha


Comedy :
Harrie Babba ( Jon van Eerd)

Letters Home > Sylvia Plath
Bernarda Alba (Garcia Lorca) > Portia
Piaf ( Pam Gems) > Edith Piaf
Als op het Leidse plein > Heintje Davids

She has worked for many years in many music ensembles with her own musicians and toured through the Netherlands and Belgium.

With her own Production company, De Nel Productions, Irene produced three plays in which she also played one of the leads:
Overgang (Menopause) ( 2006-2008),
Denk aan mij (Think of me)2009-2010)
and the latest play “In bed with Dietrich and Piaf” in which she played Edith Piaf ( 2016-2018)


Topstars , Oppassen,the Women ‘s Wing and many more

Lekker Lang Lusse, Just Joking…


In 2006 Irene won a John Kraaijkamp Musical Award in the categorie Best Supporting Female Actress in a small production.

Frederique Sluyterman van Loo
Frederique Sluyterman van Loo

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A little Night Music > Charlotte Malcolm
Nine > La Fleur
Sinatra > Ava Gardner
Life is a Cabaret > Liza Minnelli
Kiss me Cole > Linda Porter
No way to treat a Lady > all mothers + victims


Series: Pauwen en Reigers, Danny Lewinski, Voetbalvrouwen


In 2002 and 2006 Frédérique won the Dutch Musical Award in the categorie Best Supporting Female Actress for here creations of Charlotte Malcolm in A Little Night Music and Fraulein Kost in Cabaret. In 2018 Adėle Conny, Jasperina-The Big Three received the award for best small production.

Ger Otte
Ger Otte

Rotterdams Conservatorium


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In de 30 for perfomer Pia Douwes
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Daniël Cohen
Daniël Cohen

DANIEL COHEN (Amsterdam 1959) is a Dutch playwright, lyricist, translator and stage director. His most recent production, IN BED MET DIETRICH EN PIAF, which he both wrote and directed, examines the strained friendship between two female icons and the difficulties of balancing fame and integrity. Prestigious Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad named it one of the top five musical theatre productions of 2017. His new play POZ PARADISE, a wry comedy about life after the AIDS crisis, will premiere in July 2018 at the Amsterdam Stadsschouwburg.

Mr Cohen’s previous stage works include book and lyrics for the musicals DARK BLOOD and IMPACT (about the Bijlmermeer airplane crash), and the musical revue MARIA!, a satirical look at musicals in Holland. His musical play, KISS ME COLE, takes a revealing look at the life of composer Cole Porter and the dramatic events leading up to the writing of his masterpiece, Kiss Me Kate. His play ONTBOEZEMINGEN (“Tales from the Heart”), a darkly humorous play about breast cancer, was nominated for the respected Dutch “Avro Theatre Award”.

In addition, Daniel Cohen has directed plays by Caryl Churchill, Edward Albee, Arthur Miller, Christopher Marlowe and Bertolt Brecht, and several musicals, introducing the work of Stephen Sondheim to the Netherlands. His production of the rock opera RENT won “Best Musical” at the Dutch Musical Awards 2016.

As a translator, mr Cohen has produced Dutch versions of numerous musicals, including NEXT TO NORMAL, SPRING AWAKENING, EVITA, PASSION, JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, RENT, OLIVER, and ASSASSINS. His translation of SUNSET BOULEVARD was rewarded with a John Kraaijkamp Musical Award, after earlier nominations for EVITA, CABARET, PASSION and TITANIC. He also translated stage works by Tom Stoppard and Alan Bennett.

Daniel Cohen studied English Literature and Drama at the Amsterdam University, and singing, acting and directing.


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